Extra lights

Would you like more lights for your motorhome? Our workshops can provide powerful and approved lights (high beams) from our quality suppliers. Choose between LED light bars or round LED lights. We also offer reverse lights.


Motorhomes demand a lot from their tyres. The vehicles are heavy and often used to carry full loads over poor country roads and dirt tracks. We can supply both summer and winter tyres from quality supplier Nokian Tyres – tyres which are specially designed for motorhomes.

Bike racks


Are you planning to bring bikes with you on your trip? Be sure to transport them in a secure and simple way. We can supply various bike racks with space for up to four bikes. Our racks can be mounted either on the rear wall or the trailer hitch of your motorhome.

Trailer hitches

Trailer hitches can be retrofitted to your motorhome and offer multiple advantages. First and foremost, they make it possible to increase the load capacity of your motorhome. We can supply both fixed and detachable trailer hitches for campervans.


Enjoy your holiday without having to worry about batteries. Your motorhome performs many energy-intensive tasks when you’re on the road, and so it has multiple battery needs. You will need both a 12V starter battery and one or more leisure batteries.

Caravan Supply

Caravan Supply has a wide selection of equipment for your motorhome within categories such as furniture, tents and awnings, water and sanitation, cleaning and maintenance, internal and external equipment, lighting and electricals, multimedia, security, gas and climate, kitchen and spare parts.