Enjoy your holiday without having to worry about batteries. Your motorhome performs many energy-intensive tasks when you’re on the road, and so it has multiple battery needs. You will need both a 12V starter battery and one or more leisure batteries.

Starter batteries

The main task of the starter battery is to start the vehicle. This uses maximum energy in a short period of time but it is not used throughout the rest of the journey. In order to determine the right starter battery, we need to know your engine’s CCA requirements (cold cranking amps). The vast majority of motorhomes are supplied with batteries which have the physical dimensions L 350 x W 175 x H 190, however there are exceptions to this. Newer motorhomes with start-stop engines are often supplier with valve-regulated AGM batteries.

Leisure batteries

Leisure batteries supply power to your mod cons on board. The fridge, water pump, heat, AC, radio, lighting, TV, coffeemaker and much more all require power to run. In order to identify the right type of leisure battery, we will need to know the total Wh consumption of your motorhome. Begin by calculating the Wh need of the equipment and then adding a recommended safety margin of 20%. We recommend batteries with a high Wh capacity.

Batteries for motorhomes

We can supply the following batteries for motorhomes:
  • Exide Equipment GEL / for leisure
  • Exide Li-Ion LiFePO4 / for leisure
  • Exide Dual AGM / for starting or leisure
  • Sønnak Powerline / for starting