Caravan Supply

Caravan Supply has a wide selection of equipment for your motorhome within categories such as furniture, tents and awnings, water and sanitation, cleaning and maintenance, internal and external equipment, lighting and electricals, multimedia, security, gas and climate, kitchen and spare parts.

Caravan Supply AS (CASU) is an importer which supplies equipment and spare parts for camping, motorhomes and leisure. Among other things, they can provide camping tables and sun loungers, showers and water pumps, toilets and sanitary fluids, roof hatches and drying racks, detergents and vacuum cleaners, solar panels and adapters, lightbulbs and reflectors, TVs and antennae, alarms and fire extinguishers, roller blinds and rugs, tableware and BBQs, fans and heating foils – to name just some of the items they carry.

CASU has a broad range and offers speedy delivery, good customer service and competitive prices.
See here for an overview of all they have to offer: