Motorhomes demand a lot from their tyres. The vehicles are heavy and often used to carry full loads over poor country roads and dirt tracks. We can supply both summer and winter tyres from quality supplier Nokian Tyres – tyres which are specially designed for motorhomes.

Uneven roads and fast-changing weather conditions are a classic combination in the Nordic Region, and this demands a lot from the properties of your tyres. Make your journey simpler with modern tyres that boast good driving qualities and excellent wear resistance. Nokian Tyres has extensive experience with Nordic conditions and they have developed their very own tyres for motorhomes. Their new summer tyres provide stability and wear resistance in summer road conditions which are characterised by rough asphalt, deep tracks and drastic temperature fluctuations. Their new winter tyres provide comfort and good grip – and they can handle whatever challenging conditions winter throws their way, from deep snow to freezing rain.